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Make YOUR spark transform the world

Join our community of sponsors and transform the world. Read below to learn more about our goals and targets.


1) Learn about La Chispa: Entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. La Chispa searches for aspiring entrepreneurs with the vision and determination to improve their communities, but not necessarily the resources. We then eliminate systemic obstacles that impede entrepreneurs from creating their social impact businesses. Obstacles like a lack of access to business training, financing, and sales channels. Get to know some of our entrepreneurs and hear how La Chispa has impacted their lives here: You can also learn the backstory of how and why La Chispa started here:

2) Our Impact: Over the past 2.5 years, we’ve provided training to over 150 entrepreneurs resulting in 23 active businesses in our incubator. See examples of our active businesses here: Our true measure of success will be how many of those reach profitability, the number of people they employ, and the number of lives improved by the products and services of their businesses. La Chispa is developing a tool to track the performance and impact of these businesses.

3) Now for the exciting future... With the foundation set, we are ready to focus on scaling our impact. Our dream over the next 10 years is to train 1 million aspiring entrepreneurs, who then go on to create 100,000 profitable social-impact small businesses. Of course, there is still a ton of experimenting to do to see if it's possible, BUT that is what we are shooting for. Next year will be the test to see if our model is truly scalable. We´re optimistic given the initial success of our virtual Business Bootcamp, and a partnership in the works to access 40,000 potential entrepreneurs.

4) Our 2021 Goals:

  • 1000 aspiring social-impact entrepreneurs trained

  • ...of which, 100 businesses accepted into our incubator

  • ...of which 85 reach profitability (in 2021 / 2022)

  • Model tested to expand exponentially from there.

5) Our 2021 Fundraising Target: In the past few years, La Chispa has run off of a 40k annual budget. This was an intentional low-budget strategy in order to set and test the foundation and to learn how to walk before running. Now that the foundation has been set, we are raising $233,000. $60k of which has already been pledged. You can find our detailed budget breakdown here:

6) Budget Overview: A) Financing for our entrepreneurs:

  • Grants: $30k (Est. 200 of the 1,000 entrepreneurs trained- up to $150 each). Used for prototyping their business concept.

  • Loans: $70k (Est. 100 of the 200 entrepreneurs - up to $700 each). Used for starting their business post success of prototyping. The majority of these will be paid back and rolled over to 2022 loans.

B) Team to find, train, and support our entrepreneurs:

  • 20k: CEO / Entrepreneur Adviser

  • 20k: Training Program Creator / Runner

  • 20k: Financial Analyst

  • 20k: Community Organizers / Teachers (4 part-time employees for 5k each)

  • 20k: Sales expert

  • 3k: Accountant

C) Tool to train, monitor, and advise our entrepreneurs

  • 10k: Convert our tool for entrepreneurs from google sheets to a web app to be user friendly and collect better data.

D) Other Overhead

  • $20k: Rent, computers, zoom, ads

Inspired to become a La Chispa Sponsor? Here's the link to donate

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