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Become an Entrepreneur with Spark

Entrepreneurs have the power to transform the world.

La Chispa, and our community of 600+ Sparktastic Entrepreneurs, are here to support YOU in your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Together we'll make a positive impact on the lives of customers, ourselves, and the planet.

Your journey begins with ChispiBot:

Hi! I'm

I'll help you build a Business in 21 Simple Steps. All over WhatsApp. All at your own time & pace.

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Meet my friends:


"Chispibot helped me develop a new idea and to find a passion that was inside me but I didn't know that I could turn it into a viable business. It’'s a very cool tool where you can make something totally new out of nothing. It’s very innovative and it feels very human, the interaction"

"I had been wanting to start my own business for a while but didn't know where to begin. The 21 steps made it so clear exactly what I needed to do."



"My favorite part is how I can do the training on my own time. I work a full-time job and other business training programs don't fit into my schedule."


Learn more:

About how ChispiBot will help YOU become an entrepreneur with Spark.

  1. Meet me, ChispiBot, and my human teammates.

  2. Learn the overview of the 21 steps to build a business.

  3. Ask questions about what to expect.

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Or... jump right in:

"We don't need to be formally introduced on a virtual meet-up. I'm happy to jump right into helping you build a business." - Chispibot

YOU have the power to transform the world

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